Veteran Journalist Uncovers A Financial Shake Down They Don't Want You To Know About!
Who is Wiping Out YOUR Money? You Won't See This Anywhere Else But Here...

The Illusion of Rich...
Why Haven't We Been Told These Facts?

SPECIAL REPORT- January 1, 2020

From the Desk Of Scott Stevens
SGF Consulting, Boulder CO 80304

Dear Friend:
Hi, I'm Scott Stevens. If you haven't watched the video yet, let me share a little bit about who I am…

For 20 years of my career, I was part of local news teams for affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS networks. Plus, I was featured in the award-winning documentary, “Why in the World Are They Spraying?”

In addition, I’m a whistle-blower and investigative journalist. I’ve frequently been a featured guest on many radio shows like Coast to Coast AM...

However, of the many topics I have researched and covered over these years, the one I am about to share with you is the most important one of my career. You will learn more by watching the video above. If you haven't watched it, go ahead and do so now. 

Scott Stevens

You Are About to Discover The
True Symbol of Prosperity...

More From Scott Stevens...

There are three huge problems in the way we are becoming rich today. If you watched the video, you would have discovered the cover-up I have been tracking for more than a decade. I've found that many people can get rich in America, but can't stay rich in America. As a veteran investigative journalist, I had to ask myself, "Why is this happening in the richest country in the world?" What I uncovered shocked me to my core and now I want to share it with you. If you want to discover how to protect yourself and have real prosperity, take a moment and watch the video.

If you want to create real prosperity and protect your future and wealth, or you want to grow more assets and wealth, then you need to listen, because these problems aren't going away!

What are these problems?

Problem #1 Limited Financial Literacy: Millions of people want to become wealthy, but they have no idea how to do that. They think if they save a little money and have a good job, they will have a good life. But, when those first financial stressors show up, they become scared and disappointed because they know they are taking steps backwards... and not achieving their dreams while acquiring more debt.  

Problem #2 Marginal Financial Information: There are tons of marginal advisors feeding you opposing views and selling financial information that is total crap. They sell empty promises and don’t deliver. They don't truly care if your money is working for you, they only care that your money is working for them. You may wonder whose financial guidance you should follow and what is best for your situation.

Problem #3 Financial Paralysis: We don't know what to do, so we actually don't do anything. We don't take steps to protect our financial well being and we instead make ourselves a target of our deepest fears. A lot of us know we could be financially free if we just knew the truth about how to do it. We dive into looking for the solution, then we get scared that we are making the wrong choice. The pressure of which financial guru to follow keeps us up at night, and we keep taking courses, seminars and workshops trying to understand the fundamentals of how to get, and stay, wealthy. But then, we do nothing. We know a lot, but don't know how to implement what we learned.

This is the bad news, but...

Now For The Good News

The good news is that my partners and I at Smart Group Firm, uncovered these problems in the market and decided enough is enough with this bad information and false gurus. Enough with the overwhelm... enough with the bad financial contracts and bad advisors that cover up the truth about what you actually need to know to grow more cash flow. No more learning how to go from rags to riches to rags again and again.

We decided that instead of learning all those marginal, unethical financial tactics, we could create a simple-to-understand overview that would provide you with a solution and skill set that you could learn once, then provide you with real cash flow (not empty promises) for the rest of your life.

So we created Smart Cash Flow Secrets©. This is a 6-Module Workshop Series and Digital Asset Cash Flow Bundle that’s going to help you do three things ...

#1 Understand how to create cash flows, so you can choose which one will benefit you most. You will learn personal cash flow creation from home and be able to command your cash flow by yourself.

#2 Take our secrets of how most cash flow producers choose the best cash flows on the market today. You will understand how to choose them in the future, as well.

#3 Learn how to create your cash flow plan, so you remain financially free in your future.  

Now, You May Be Wondering...

What do you mean we have no Cash Flow? If you watched the video, you know we have been living in the era of funding and credit flow. It is what is being used to create the artificial wealth that has given us a false sense of security and threatens to leave many Americans in harm's way when this bubble finally bursts. Many people have tied their credit, and themselves, to Wall Street because of the longest bull market in history... and this is dangerous. When the bubble bursts, millions of people and trillions of artificial gains will be lost. 

These are artificial gains because they are all debt-based and its fall is coming. We are now left with a looming financial crisis that will ruin those who don't have cash flow sources already created. Those who understand how to choose, create and protect their cash flows will thrive. If you are ready to learn how to protect your family and your future, then you are ready to learn Smart Cash Flow Secrets©.  

If You Are Ready To Put The Pieces Together
To Grow Your Cash Flow and Create Financial Freedom?
Welcome To Smart Cash Flow Secrets!

Are You Ready to Create Your Cash Flow Portfolio?

Here's Just Some Of What You Will Discover Inside
The Smart Cash Flow Secrets Program... 

What You're Going To Get...

  • Smart Cash Flow Masterclass: I will pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I grew my online businesses from scratch and how I found the best product to sell. I will share with you my never-before-shared secrets to finding hungry buyers. 
  • Smart Product Secrets: I will give to you my never-before-shared secret for selling winning products that made me $27,000 in a single month... without Amazon or Alibaba.
  • Smart Digital Assets: I will uncover how to create automated cash flow and digital assets that will generate passive income.
  • Smart Client Systems: You will know how to grow long-term clients that will buy from you again and again.
  • Smart Cash Flow Secrets: My secret 3-step process that keeps me financially free. PLUS, THIS SPECIAL BONUS...
  • Smart Bridge Strategies Masterclass: To get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Total Value: $5,552

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  • Smart Cash Flow Secrets Companion Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Smart Interview: Preparing Yourself For Uncertain Economic Times ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Smart Bridge Strategies - 3 Modules, 14 units ($1,997 Value)
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Total Value: $5,552
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Cash Flow 
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“I was so excited when I started Smart Cash Flow Secrets! It has been life changing and my mind was blown! I learned how to build wealth. I loved learning about how I have more assets than I thought. This course is so so valuable - it is worth way more than the price! What I learned will allow me to put myself in a position to help myself and others."
-Shahada James, USA
"Vickie Helm and SGF are amazing at helping you understand how to build wealth. This program helps you uncover the truth and reveals the mysteries of creating real wealth. I have rebuilt my cashflow and can now make educated decisions about how I am building my future without worrying about how to create the life and income I want. I highly recommend everyone take this course."
-Paula McCreary USA
“The information is very important and this is an excellent program. It is so useful if you follow it all the way to the end. It is simple and easy to comprehend. Excellent job!!!! It drives you to keep going. No matter what your age, you will benefit from building mega cash flow.”
-Gisselle Roviraba, USA
"WOW!! You and your team have done a phenomenal job and at my age this wasn't an easy task to accomplish. I knew and relearned that you need to know what it is in life that you want and why. Wealth to me has always been to leave a legacy for my family, and to be able to do the things I want to do when I want. I may be starting late in life, but better late than never as I know that God isn't through with me yet!"  
-Regina Gamlin, USA
"This program has been absolutely fantastic. It fully covers all the ingredients to form cash flow and wealth and discard financial traps. These lessons come packed into manageable, relatable, plain-spoken messages with accompanying material to dive right in. It’s not a get rich quick plan, it's proven techniques to build cash flow and real wealth, and make it all work for me without having to work to make someone else’s dream come true."
-Dana Wright, USA
"These Smart Cash Flow Strategies are so important to building wealth. These lessons are delivered in a clear, logical and well organized fashion. I have more clarity and confidence because I now know what I am doing to build wealth. These secret keys have saved me years of foolish effort. It changed my mindset instantly from a fog of confusion to laser clarity. I know what I am doing now!"
-Jennifer Katz, USA
"We are thankful for the expertise of Smart Group Firm. We have now built 3 successful businesses together and they are thriving because they have strong cash flow. Every day we see the fruits of our labor. I still hear Vickie's voice every day giving me direction and motivation to continue the growth in our relationship and businesses."
-The Mocks, USA
"What an amazing wealth of information! This opens your eyes to where you are stuck. And you get the tools! The whole concept is put together for you. You really know it is possible to create real cash flow and that’s incredible".
-Don Root, USA

This Is An Absolutely Crucial Time For Every
American To Prepare For What's Ahead...

Unless you know the TRUTH about what's happening in the world at our highest levels of banking and economics right now...You don't stand a chance of surviving the crisis that's about to come. I want YOU to succeed and thrive. I want you to protect your finances and your family! 

This is why we wrote the book and put this program together for you...

Right now... TODAY, you can protect your hard-earned money and your freedoms.

We pull back the curtains and expose the weapons of mass financial destruction and show you how to grow real cash flow and assets.

I'd love for you to prosper well into the future.

This is why I am asking you to try it for a full 7 days with a full money back guarantee. All I ask is that you go through the program and implement the actionable strategies provided from these invaluable resources.

After all, it could help you save your future, family and freedoms for decades.

Remember, you cannot get the free bonuses by purchasing in-store or from Amazon.

So please, don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Just click below to get instant access.


Scott Stevens

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